Due to a drone attack on the Russian airport in Pskov, four Russian aircraft have been destroyed, confirms Andriy Yusov, a press officer of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, in a commentary to Hromadske.  

Ukrainian intelligence confirms that four Il-76 heavy transport aircraft were at Pskov airport “Kresty” on August 29.

“‘Destroyed’ means that the specific damage the aircraft sustained won’t allow to return it to the army and combat missions. This aircraft is used to transport occupiers and their equipment,” said Yusov. 

He added that the Ukrainian intelligence has information about damaging several more aircraft, though their number isn’t yet specified. 


Pskov residents started to film footage of a fire and explosions near airport “Kresty” on the evening of August 29. It was published on many Russian Telegram channels. Then, the Russian propagandist news agency TASS published information about a drone attack and the destruction of four IL-76s. They referred to the commentary of emergency services. 

Pskov Airport “Kresty” is used by both civilian and military aircraft. It’s a base of the 334th Military Transport Aviation Regiment of Russian Military Transport Aviation. 

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