Gwara Media is a media platform. Our task is to develop the creative ecosystem of Kharkiv and Ukraine.
We are not indifferent to the problems and achievements of creative business in Kharkiv.
We are not indifferent to the deep processes of the creative sector in Kharkiv and Ukraine.
We do not care how the new economy, urban planning, alternative education and contemporary art develop in Ukraine and who are the engines that drive this process.

The creative component of the brand of the city of Kharkiv and the brand of Ukraine is important to us, so we create unique content about the organizations of cultural and creative industries that operate here.

About us

Gwara Media lives in Kharkiv in the old house of an unknown architect. From one window we can see a small courtyard, and from the other - the whole street leading to the city center. We always have a lot of questions: why is the yard closed, how to deal with such old houses, who came up with coworking in an architectural monument, and did he succeed ...

We are looking for answers and try to write interestingly about reality in its various manifestations:
- about the reality, which cannot be changed at once, but needs to be understood and articulated;
- about virtual reality, because we are from a generation that spends more time in the digital world than in the present;
- about the reality of Kharkiv, because we live here, in a large Ukrainian border town;
- about the Ukrainian cultural reality, which has a resonance.

Our mission is to create quality content to support the organizations of creative and cultural industries and improve the quality of the cultural experience of our readers.

As a team, we help each other improve storytelling skills and are open to collaboration with new authors, including beginners. We write and shorten, look for and master new formats, attentive to words and their meanings. In the texts we use some features of the Kharkiv orthography, marked in the new edition of the Ukrainian orthography as variable: audience, myth, laureate, tolerance and justice (in the genitive case), etc.

We are not only an online publication, but also a creative studio that helps other brands to present themselves clearly with the help of new media. The studio offers services of native advertising, setting up targeting on social networks, creating a content strategy, creating AR-masks for Instagram pages and augmented reality applications.

The work of the studio helps us to be a media, independent of other sources of funding, and therefore to have our own vision of events and to independently form the content of the site.

Part of our team is a non-governmental organization of the same name, which implements various cultural projects: recording audiobooks in Ukrainian, creating inclusive products, holding residencies that unite artists and programmers.