PEREVIRKA bot is your helper in the information world and media landscape in times of war
This is a FactCheck Tool for researching current Ukraine events and a network of citizen journalists. It informs you about fakes and checks the latest news.
The bot saves you from the pernicious influences of fake news, unverified data, an outright lie, and propaganda. It could help you to identify some fakes in social media, political statements, and to see the fake news in Russian media aimed at attacking Ukraine.

To identify the fake with the help of a bot is extremely easy. You should send the data that you want to verify. This message goes to our team, trained for quick fact-checking of a wealth of information. We also create a base of credible and fake news on this level.

You can check the data in the form of:
social media posts
website links
photos or media files

You will get a reply within two minutes.
News in Ukrainian and Russian
News in English (soon)
How does PEREVIRKA work?
It processes unreliable information, content, and messages about war crimes. Then the bot checks it and makes a judgment. Also, PEREVIRKA creates an everyday compilation of fakes for its members.
This tool connects citizens and journalists. Before sharing the news — please, verify it.
Inform us about fakes and discover the truth about full-scale war in Ukraine.
Before sharing the news — please, verify it.

Inform us about fakes and discover the truth about full-scale war in Ukraine.
Why Telegram?
These days most citizens discover the latest news on their smartphones. It’s accessible and useful. One of the most popular messaging apps is Telegram. Many Telegram channels and bots distribute the news in a matter of minutes to hundreds of thousands of people. But quite often, this kind of channel spreads the so-called hot information without fact-checking.
Who checks the news?
The Gwara Media editorial team based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, our colleagues and citizen journalists.
Why should everyone use it?
These days people’s emotional balance becomes highly unstable because of dozens of contradictory messages. What info should we trust? Unreliable, unverified news provokes nothing but stress and panic. Keeping calm and using genuine sources is of high importance today.
Why should we trust this bot, and how does it deal with information?
The answer is easy. All data has been checked by our team and by a special algorithm. Gwara Media journalists, volunteers familiar with the profession, and citizen journalists check the information together.
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