Who are we?

We are an independent fact-checking project of the non-profit organization Gwara Media, created to detect disinformation and counter fakes through the spread of their refutations.

NGO "Gwara Media" is the owner and administrator of the Gwara Media portal. In 2022, we launched a new fact-checking department in the publication, created exclusively to check facts and counter disinformation.

About Gwara Media

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Our goal

We aim to provide access to reliable information, which we implement through fact-checking for our users with the help of innovative communication tools such as the Perevirka chatbot. The project makes it possible to respond quickly to new social challenges related to the spread of disinformation, be dynamic, and provide factual information promptly. We believe that our work increases the level of media literacy in society.

During 2023 and the following years, the department aims to continue providing informational support to Ukrainians and foreigners despite the active spread of fake news. We will stand for quality news by refuting false facts and revealing manipulations.

Inquiries processed by the fact-checking department with the help of the Perevirka bot in 2022-2023 - direct informational assistance to our readers

Our products

Perevirka bot

Telegram and Viber bots created for quick checking of news by users.

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In-depth investigative materials based on the fact-checking analysis performed by our fact-checkers. For example, Russian servicemen identification, based on the documents found by our journalists in liberated Kharkiv Oblast.

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Fake news debunking

Fake news refutation materials created by our team to counter disinformation.

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For example, research materials analyzing disinformation waves over a certain period based on data collected by the Perevirka bot.

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Our team and contributing authors

The materials published in the Fact-checking section on behalf of the Fact-checking editorial office are the result of the entire department's work. Editorial control is carried out by fact-checking editor Yuliana Topolnyk, and the coordinating editor Serhii Prokopenko.

The department work is also supported by
Dmytro Zhabotynskyi, digital editor
Yaroslav Biletskyi, bot tech developer.

Moreover, we are grateful to our colleagues who participated in the creation of the Gwara Media fact-checking department at various stages:
Daryna Kovalenko, fact-checker of the Perevirka bot, analyst of the fact-checking department, master's student at BUW, Germany.
Viktor Sholudko, fact-checker of the Perevirka bot, analyst of the fact-checking department, and student of the Ostroh Academy majoring in Political Science.
Tetiana Krainikova, associate professor of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Doctor of Social Communications.

Gwara Media team members do not belong to any political party and do not represent the interests of any political force. Fact-checking is carried out without the influence or affiliation of politicians or officials to the news. The Gwara Media department employees are familiar with the company's policy regarding relations with political forces. If a team member shows a desire to join a political party or hold public office, the editors will be forced to remove them from the editorial process. Read more about neutrality and funding transparency in our editorial policy.