Visual Identity Guide

We are an independent online publication about Kharkiv and Ukraine in the world.

Before the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine, we developed the creative ecosystem of Kharkiv, the country's second-largest city. But times have changed, and so have we.

Today we aim to represent Kharkiv and Ukraine in the world.

We believe that relying on human rights is the way to social change.

We ensure one of such rights daily, providing access to verified information. In the first days of the full-scale invasion, we created a fact-checking bot called Perevirka, which people can use to verify any news.


Here you can find the links to all logo variations and fonts. Below we provide separate files grouped by type of the logo. Each version has black and white variants. Moreover, you can download a vector file in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or PNG raster format.

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Логотипом є шрифтовий напис ҐВАРА МЕДІА / GWARA MEDIA  з буквою “Ґ” в кружку. Здебільшого цю версію лого використовуємо на інстаграм носіях, YOUTUBE та друкованих виданнях.

Our logo is the font inscription GWARA MEDIA with the Ukrainian letter "Ґ" in a circle. We mainly use this version of the logo for Instagram, YOUTUBE, and printed publications.

Basic version

Simplified version

Alternative version


Для підтримання впізнаваності, читабельності та естетичності логотипа не рекомендується проводити такі маніпуляції:

For maintenance of the recognizability, readability, and aesthetics of the logo, the following manipulations are not recommended:


У айдентиці використовуємо чотири брендові кольори. Основний колір Eerie Black та Seasalt. Spring Green служить, як акцентний додатковий колір. Anti-flash white використовується для плашок на вебсайті. Важливо дотримуватись колірних кодів, що вказані на макетах.

We use four brand colors. The base colors are Eerie Black and Seasalt. Spring Green serves as an accent color. Anti-flash White is used for the accent elements on the website. It is essential to follow the color codes indicated on the layouts.

Anti-flash white

RGB 240, 240, 240
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 6

spring green

Spring green
RGB 39, 251, 107
CMYK 84, 0, 57, 2


RGB 250, 250, 250
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 2

Eerie black

Eerie black
RGB 28, 27, 27
CMYK 0, 4, 4, 89

Brand Fonts

First level headers – Inerta Light

Gwara Media

Second level headers – Inerta Light

We are an independent media platform based in Ukraine. Before the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine, we were developing the creative ecosystem of Kharkiv, the second-largest city in Ukraine. But times have changed. And so have we.

Main text – Inerta Light

Today we aim to represent Kharkiv in the world.We work on the ground to show the Russian war crimes committed in Kharkiv Oblast. We visit Kharkiv communities to discover how they manage to sustain and recover. We talk to Kharkiv entrepreneurs, artists, educators, IT specialists, and young activists to bring their voices to the world.


Для урізноманітнення вигляду рубрик та фіду використовуємо дуотон. Для цього застосовується плагін у Figma - Duotones або Gradient map у Photoshop.

ВАЖЛИВО! Дуотон використовуємо у кольорах добре видимих та контрастних. Бліді та невиразні тони заборонені. Також не рекомендується інверсію тонів.

Дозволені варіанти дуотонів показані нижче.

To diversify the appearance of the headings and feed, we use duotone. The plugin in Figma - Duotones or Gradient Map in Photoshop is used for this purpose.

Duotone must be used in visible and contrasting colors. Pale and indistinct tones are prohibited. Tone inversion is also not recommended.

Allowed duotone options are shown below. They can be used only in pairs. For example #E8722F + #143C5F. It is forbidden to break up the pair.