Prague has decided to transfer 20 trams and 2 buses to Ukraine, most of them will go to Kharkiv to replace those lost as a result of shelling.

It was announced by the city mayor Zdenek Hřib.

The public transport operator of Prague will transfer to Ukraine through the public organization “People in Need” 20 trams and two buses that were used in the city and are now being discarded.

“Vehicles that can no longer serve passengers in Prague will find the necessary application elsewhere. In Ukraine, due to the invasion of the uninvited Russian dictator, many trams and buses were completely destroyed. Thus, we support the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities so that refugees from the war could return to their homes as soon as possible,” said the mayor of the capital Zdeněk Hříb.

All the trams will be sent to Kharkiv, and buses – to Khmelnytskyi. According to the mayor, the transport will go to Ukraine in several batches. The pace will depend on the workload of the logistics route and the security situation. The first batch of vehicles will go to Ukraine in the coming days or weeks.