After the Kharkiv Oblast liberation, Izium Hospital became known beyond the borders of Ukraine. Famous actors and musicians donated EUR 250,000. Benefactors from abroad and all over Ukraine brought equipment. However, the reconstruction continues, and therefore the local authorities and the hospital are currently looking for partners and donors ready to participate in the medical facility restoration.

“Since autumn, we replaced the windows, started the boiler room, and supplied heat to the hospital premises. At the same time, project and estimate documentation for restoration is being developed, and funds are being collected. We hope that we will be able to start repair work already this year or at the beginning of next year,” said the head of the Izium Military Administration.

The Izium Central City Hospital continued working during the occupation and was destroyed. As a result of the shelling, the reception department and the operating unit were damaged. Therefore, doctors currently have to combine departments and share premises.

Kharkiv Governor Oleh Syniehubov states that Izium Hospital reconstruction requires EUR 30 million.

Moreover, repair work is ongoing in the Balakliia Clinical Multidisciplinary Hospital, destroyed by Russian shelling. Since the liberation, most of the premises have been restored, but the children’s and neurological departments still need repair. This was announced by the head of the District Military Administration, Stepan Maselskyi, during the briefing.

During the occupation of Balakliia, the Russian military looted the Balakliia hospital. Part of the equipment was found in Kupiansk and returned to the medical facility.

“Today, we are finishing the renovation of the intensive care unit. The Balakliia hospital provides services at the pre-war level,” said Maselskyi.

The Russian military shelled the hospital twice. The first time the occupiers carried out an airstrike was at the end of February, and the second time – on April 2.

While restoration work is ongoing in the Balakliia and Izium hospitals, the medical institutions continue serving patients.

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