After negotiations with the United Nations and international organizations regarding the problem of the territory demining, the Swiss company plans to help the Izium region and has already started the work.

This was announced by the head of the Izium district military administration Stepan Maselskyi at a briefing.

It is planned to add four units for the territory examination.

“We also hope for the pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service and the National Police of Ukraine. A unit of about 20 sappers will be created on the district’s territory, and they will work on the territory of the Izium district permanently. The headquarters has already been approved,” said Stepan Maselskyi.

Today, 22 units operate in the territory of the Izium district. They demine power lines and process residents’ applications. Currently, the number of applications has decreased to 10 per day.

The most mined territories remain the settlements through which the front line passed from the Balakliia to the Borova community.

The head of the Izium military administration emphasized that mine danger remains high.

According to the Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office, as of March 2023, 1,818 people, including 74 children, died due to mine explosions. Two thousand seven hundred fifty-one people were injured, including 216 children.

Most often, people blow themselves up on the Petal mine. It is considered the most dangerous. Mine is invisible due to its size and color; it can be green or dark brown. The enemy mined almost the entire territory of the liberated Kharkiv Oblast with these explosive objects.

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