Richard Hallward, founder and chairman of Central & Eastern European Real Estate Quality Awards (CEEQA), visited Kharkiv.

This was reported by Kharkiv City Council on June 26.

Director of the Department of Administrative Services and the Consumer Market Viktoriia Kytaihorodska and the Department of International Cooperation employees gave Richard Hallward a city tour. They showed Hallward the consequences of the Russian armed aggression to justify the need to develop the investment potential of Kharkiv, which is being worked on as part of the new General Plan for the city’s development with the participation of the Norman Foster Foundation.

During the visit, Richard Hallward emphasized that he was impressed by what he saw in Kharkiv and expressed admiration for Kharkiv residents who defended their city and are now rebuilding it.

Richard is the founder and chairman of CEEQA and the owner of its operating company Imagine Live Media. CEEQA is the leading market insight platform and a main industry award for commercial real estate investment in Central & Eastern Europe and Southeast Europe, established in 2003 and produced in association with PwC.

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