The number of Ukrainian citizens who have been granted temporary protection in the EU continues to decrease compared to the previous months. Eurostat reported.

According to the agency, fewer people apply for temporary protection in 19 of the 22 EU member states, with the largest decrease recorded in Italy – about 12,170 people less than in the previous month, followed by Spain (4,190), Denmark (3,330), Romania (2,965), Hungary (2,855) and Poland (2,835).
Poland 1.3 million refugees
Germany 967546
Italy 142330
Spain 131705
Bulgaria 125275
Slovakia 82 995
Austria 73 785
France 69 190

Poland has granted temporary protection to Ukrainian citizens the most among the EU countries: a total of1.3 million Ukrainians. Almost 1 million Ukrainians got protection in Germany.

The ratio of granted temporary protection per 1,000 inhabitants was low, with the highest rate of granted protection to Ukrainian nationals in July 2022 recorded in Estonia (2.0 granted temporary protection per 1,000 inhabitants), followed by Poland (1.5), Lithuania (1.3), Ireland and Latvia (both 1.1).

The vast majority of those granted temporary protection are women, including girls. Most of them were registered in Poland (37,590 or 66% of Ukrainians who received protection in Poland in July).

By the way, about 36% of Ukrainian refugees abroad plan to return to Ukraine. However, only after making sure that the area where they lived is safe.