Saint Nicholas Day in Ukraine is celebrated on Dec. 19. On the eve of the holiday, the World Central Kitchen volunteers prepared an animation program and sweet gifts for the children in Izium in Kharkiv Oblast.

Both children and adults look forward to Saint Nicholas Day. Although the tenth month of a full-scale invasion continues in Ukraine, kids should not be left without a holiday. That is why a small festive program for children was organized in Izium.

“Today we are making a small holiday for St. Nicholas Day to at least somehow support and give joy to the little children. As always, we have had a food court with hot meals working since the morning. We`ve made a separate area where cotton candy for children, cocoa, tea, and various goodies are prepared. We have also prepared an animation program. At the end of the festival, St. Nicholas will come and greet the children with sweet gifts and coloring pages,” said Inna Kushnir, a representative of the World Central Kitchen organization.

Fair in Izium city center / Denys Glushko, Gwara Media
Cotton candy for children in Izium / Denys Glushko, Gwara Media
Hot drinks for children and adults / Denys Glushko, Gwara Media
Izium Kharkiv Oblast
Cotton candy for the children / Denys Glushko, Gwara Media
Izium holiday
The animator in the costume of the tea / Denys Glushko, Gwara Media

World Central Kitchen is an American international organization that helps with food in difficult situations in different countries. In particular, this is their first mission in Ukraine.

“We started our mission on Feb. 24, first in Lviv, and then moved to other regions and thus reached Kharkiv and Donetsk. And here our mission has dragged on,” says Kateryna Onishchenko, the World Central Kitchen employee.

liberated Izium
Humanitarian aid for the Izium residents / Denys Glushko, Gwara Media

In Izium, the organization has two areas of assistance. They help with hot food and humanitarian aid. The World Central Kitchen representatives say that they have partners in Kharkiv who help with cooking and putting humanitarian packages together.

Hot food for Izium residents / Denys Glushko, Gwara Media

“We have been in Izium since mid-September. Then there was no connection here, no electricity, no water, and people were exhausted,” comments Inna. “Then we brought the first 2,000 portions of hot food here. And since that moment, we have been supporting the city’s residents here every day for several months now.”

World Central Kitchen
Inna Kushnir and Kateryna Onishchenko / Denys Glushko, Gwara Media

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Text by Daria Lobanok

Translated by Tetiana Fram

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