An exhibition of Kharkiv artists` works opened in Kazimierz-Dolny in Poland.

“Ukrainian art today — a new experience of war and life” exhibition includes paintings, graphics, photographs, and video art. All the represented artists are Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts graduates and have been cooperating with Kharkiv Municipal Gallery for many years.

The exposition consists of three blocks.

The first block contains paintings by Kharkiv artists, created pre-war and depicting inspiring places: cityscapes, nature, still lifes, and genre compositions.

In the second block, Kharkiv is represented in photographs. This part includes the artworks created by two photographers. Volodymyr Bysov showed the city before the war, and Polish photographer Maks Skrzeczkowski visited Kharkiv last spring.

The third block is media. It includes the video works by young artists created over the past year that are closely related to today’s events in Ukraine. This part was recently successfully exhibited in Poznań as a separate project.

The exhibition was initiated by a sister organization from Berlin, which united cultural figures and residents of three partner cities from Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.

The exhibition lasts until June 30, 2023, at the Kazimierz Culture, Promotion, and Tourism Center in Kazimierz-Dolny, 12 Lubelska Street.

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