On June 21, the premiere of the performance In C by the German company Sasha Waltz & Guests to the music of the minimalist composer Terry Riley will take place for the first time in Ukraine, in Kharkiv.

In C performance was created during the pandemic in 2021. The project aimed to unite the troupe’s dancers at work during the lockdown and now has a similar mission in Ukraine, to unite independent artists from Kharkiv and Kyiv, first in rehearsal halls and then on stage.

Therefore, five dancers in Kyiv, five in Kharkiv, and a choreographer from Berlin train for several hours online, and on Monday, they will all unite in Kharkiv.

Each artist has their part on the stage, but they are all consolidated by the performance, and thanks to improvisation, a unique piece is produced every time. The play is based on the music by the American minimalist composer Terry Riley.

“The idea of creating such an event came last year, but nothing happened due to the full-scale invasion. This year we still decided to try it, and we are very proud that we are already at the final stage of preparation for the event. Sasha Waltz, a well-known choreographer in Germany, joined the performance. In general, her track record includes many bright initiatives and projects, one of which is the In C performance, which was developed specifically for Kharkiv,” said Maria Horbonos, executive director of the KharkivMusicFest festival.

The main idea of the composition is freedom from the point of view of both music and choreography, as it includes movements that convey that feeling. But to immerse yourself in this atmosphere and understand it, you need to come and see it with your own eyes, says Maria.

In C was written in 1964 for any number of instruments. It consists of 53 musical figures that can be freely played and repeated within set rules. The piece marked the beginning of the development of minimalism in music.

KharkivMusicFest is an international classical music festival that unites musicians of Ukraine and the world on one stage, creating new cultural bridges.

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