MEPs are urging NATO allies to uphold their commitment to Ukraine and facilitate the inclusion of Kyiv in the defense alliance.

According to the recently passed resolution, which received 425 votes in favor, 38 against, and 42 abstentions, MEPs emphasize their expectation that the “process of accession should commence once the war concludes and reach its conclusion without delay.”

Before attaining full membership, the European Union, its member states, along with NATO allies and like-minded partners, must collaborate closely with Ukraine to establish a temporary security framework, state the MEPs. This framework should be promptly implemented after the conclusion of the war. The Parliament underscores that Ukraine’s integration into both NATO and the EU would bolster regional and global security while strengthening the ties between Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic community.

The destruction of the Kakhovka HPP and dam is a war crime

MEPs strongly denounce Russia’s deliberate destruction of the Kakhovka dam on June 6th, considering it a war crime that has resulted in widespread flooding, an environmental catastrophe, and the perpetuation of ecocide in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the MEPs affirm that all individuals accountable for war crimes, including those responsible for the dam’s destruction, will face legal consequences on international law.

The necessity of a comprehensive EU recovery package for Ukraine

The Parliament emphasizes the need for an all-encompassing and sufficient EU recovery package designed for Ukraine. This package should prioritize providing immediate, medium-term, and long-term assistance for the country’s relief, reconstruction, and recovery efforts.

  • The full resolution is available here.