UKRAINE, KHARKIV OBLAST, June 13 — The Kyiv International Institute of Sociology released a poll showing that 60% of Ukrainians believe that Russia’s goal in the war in Ukraine is genocide and the destruction of the Ukrainian nation. 

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Russians have been shelling Ukrainian towns and villages every day with various types of weapons. Since February 2022, Russia has killed more than 10,582 Ukrainian civilians.

According to the polls, 6% of Ukrainians believe that Russia wants to occupy all the territories, although it wants to leave [Ukraine] some cultural autonomy within Russia.

According to 12% of Ukrainians, Russia seeks to change the government and create a puppet state that will obey Russia.

Only 7% of Ukrainians believe that the aggressor seeks to retain the already occupied territories and does not claim all or most of Ukraine’s territories

The institute interviewed 1,067 respondents aged 18 and older living in all regions of the government-controlled territory of Ukraine.

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