Locals have an opportunity to gather for creative communication in the Promin studio, the Balakliia City Military Administration announced.

Literary events are held as part of the Dobromysl literary and conversation club at the Balakliia Central Library every Friday at 14:00.

During the meetings, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the latest literature, learn techniques and peculiarities of literary work.

According to officials, the studio has a long tradition. Many local writers started their careers there: Anatoliy Pererva, Mykhailo Olefirenko, Mykola Hoptsiy, and Volodymyr Stalnyi. “Today, the works of literary students contribute to the fight against hostile information influence, and represent the best thoughts and hopes of our region,” the statement said.

The library network worked in Balakliya community before the full-scale invasion: a central library, a library for children, 2 city and 15 village branches. There were hobby clubs, readers’ groups, and the Promin Literary Studio. Over 15 thousand people a year attended various events, exhibitions, and presentations.

During the occupation, 12 village libraries were damaged and 3 completely destroyed.

  • Ukrainian Railways launched a train to liberated Balakliia.
  • Balakliia received mobile administrative services center.
  • Exhibits to be removed from damaged Balakliia museum.

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