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Start the “Perevirka” fact-check bot, switch the language to English in the main menu.
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How to check fake news?
Gwara Media is a Kharkiv media platform that is aimed at authenticating the new Ukrainian reality. Prior to February 24, Gwara Media journalists were covering areas such as cultural events, IT, technology, creativity. Today we are working on filming and covering the war in Ukraine.

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion our team realised that we had to find ways to systematically tackle Russian propaganda. This is how we created the “PEREVIRKA” bot, which helps us fight Russian fakes in the information war.

Developers of the fact-check bot "Perevirka"

This rule will help us succeed together in the fight for a healthy information space. Share the link to the bot so that more Ukrainians can use this simple tool for countering fake news.
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Who checks the news?
The sources will be inspected by the editorial team of Gwara Media from Kharkiv, professional fact checkers and civic journalists.
Is this tool trustworthy?
Team members that will be processing your request have passed numerous training sessions about fact-checking. People trust us, we are improving daily and checking the sources even faster.
Why can a request be processed all day long?
Some requests can be quite tricky so they require deeper research and more time than usual.
Let’s counter fakes! Join the resistance!
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