A damaged boiler house will be reconstructed in Saltivka. A company in Liubotyn is given UAH 6 million for road repairs without tenders. Critical infrastructure is being restored in the liberated territories in Kharkiv Oblast.

The damaged boiler house is to be reconstructed in Saltivka

The reconstruction project for a boiler house in Northern Saltivka, one of the most damaged Kharkiv neighborhoods, is being developed. The facility had been supplying about 30 buildings and was damaged by Russian shells in the spring of 2022.

According to Kharkiv Heating Networks Enterprise, the boiler house was hit and the pumps and part of the pipe have burnt down, so the system needs to be renovated from scratch.

Moreover, the Heating Networks specialists note that:

  • This season, they have restarted the Kharkiv heating system seven times. Last year [before the full-scale Russian invasion – ed.], this was not done once.
  • Heating engineers eliminate 30 defects in heating networks every day.
  • “If the first blackouts took us up to five days to recover, now we have gained as much experience as possible. The recovery process was shortened to one or two days.”

A company in Liubotyn is given 6 million for road repairs without tenders

Liubotyn city council in Kharkiv Oblast has signed more than 10 contracts with LLC “Legionbud” for the repair of roads in the amount of almost UAH6 million (~$162000).

This was reported by Kharkiv Anti-corruption Center referring to the electronic public procurement system Prozorro.

Contracts were concluded without using the electronic procurement system.

Earlier, “Legionbud” and its related companies were mentioned in connection with non-tender contracts for road repairs at inflated prices. Now the company is owned by Yevhen Chaplygin, and the director is Polikhron Kharatsidi.

In autumn, the company received a contract to repair the bypass road in Krasnokutsk. Prices for the asphalt concrete mixture and the crushed stone turned out to be higher than the current Liubotyn prices.

Liberated territories’ infrastructure renovation

On March 1, the electricity supply was fully restored in the liberated village of Oskil of the Izium community.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the village has been left without electricity. In autumn, after the Kharkiv Oblast liberation, the workers began to restore destroyed communications. Energy workers brought more than 30 kilometers of wires into order and installed new support towers.

“Already by the end of November last year, we managed to supply more than a thousand households. Further restoration work was complicated by the presence of mines and artillery ammunition under power lines. After the inspection of dangerous areas by sappers, repair crews supplied about 300 more points. Thus, today all residents of the village have electricity.”

Gas supply has been restored for 760 houses in the Kupiansk community.

On March 1, Russians shelled the gas infrastructure of the district three times. Gas pipelines and one of the gas control points were damaged.

“Kharkivgaz” specialists began to repair the affected objects immediately after the shelling. They managed to complete the work in a few hours.

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