According to the prime minister, the air defense systems and other objects [of importance] will be efficiently protected. 

Russia has already started a new phase of energy terror against Ukraine and hit the energy infrastructure again, reported Denys Shmyhal at the Regional Economic Forum held in Kyiv.

“In the energy industry, the key focus is protection. We understand that a new phase of terror against the energy system for this heating season has already started. We see that in [Russian] destruction of production, pumping, and fuel storages. We recognize that in the first attacks on regional energy systems that have been happening during the last two weeks. [We] understand that this will keep happening,” Shmyhal said.

According to the prime minister, the air defense system and other important objects will be protected efficiently. He also added that Ukraine is ready to live through a tough winter this year. 

“I can’t share the details, but we’re significantly more prepared and stronger than last year. I am sure we’ll [pass] through this difficult winter together, too. It will be tough. Don’t think this heating season – this winter – will be easier than the past one. It will definitely be tough; we are definitely prepared for it better because we know what the adversary is preparing for, what threats and challenges we all face,” stated Shmyhal. 

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