KHARKIV OBLAST, UKRAINE, Apr 05 — In the Chuhuiv district of the Kharkiv Oblast, the restoration of a bridge destroyed by Russia’s armed aggression is being completed. Currently, work is underway to arrange bridge approaches, reported the Infrastructure Restoration and Development Service in the Kharkiv Oblast.

“This bridge is of great strategic importance, and its full operation will speed up the humanitarian cargo transportation and [streamline] the routes [for] hospital workers,” the statement said.

The repairers have already dismantled the destroyed spans and supports; installed new supports, spans, and a monolithic reinforced concrete slab. They waterproofed the overpass and drainage, laid down asphalt pavement, and installed fences.

Traffic on the bridge is expected to renew in the summer of 2024. Currently, 19 bridges in the Kharkiv Oblast are being repaired. However, according to the Recovery Service, work on several other destroyed bridges cannot even begin due to the constant threat of Russian shelling, proximity to the border with Russia or the frontline.

In total, the Russian army destroyed 27 bridges and overpasses in the Kharkiv Oblast. Temporary crossings and bypasses have been set up, so the region’s logistics are fully operational.

Last year, specialists repaired 75.4 kilometers of local roads to ensure transportation to and from the region’s deoccupied communities is possible.

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