UKRAINE, Jan 25 — Today, the Save Ukraine organization returned four more children who were in the temporarily occupied territories or taken to Russia, reported Mykola Kuleba, a former President’s Commissioner for Children’s Rights.

“Today, the children finally met their families after a long period of separation. Some of them had not seen each other for almost two years. Some parents had not been able to pick up their children for several months, and the Russians wanted to send them to a rehabilitation center. Fortunately, these trials are over, and now all the children are safe,” Mykola Kuleba wrote.

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The Save Ukraine organization completed the 15th rescue mission to return children to Ukrainian territory. 231 children have been rescued during the full-scale invasion.

Russians state that more than 700,000 Ukrainian children are on the territory of the Russian Federation. Ukraine has confirmed the deportation of more than 19,500. Ukrainian law enforcement officers are aware of over 500 cases of deportation of children from the occupied territories of the Kharkiv Oblast.

Save Ukraine is a non-governmental organization that regularly organizes rescue missions to return deported children from Russia.