Since the beginning of 2023, 484 kids have been adopted in Ukraine. However, 15 thousand orphans still need families, reports ZMINA, referring to Deputy Minister of Social Policy Nazar Tanasyshyn. 

According to him, a ratio of 1:10 – where 1 is the number of potential adoptive parents, and 10 is the number of children placed for adoption – is unchanged this year. 

“In 2021, we had 16 thousand [orphans] and 1,300 candidates for adopters. Right now, we have 1,600 people who want to adopt a child. So, the 1:10 ratio remains,” Tanasyshyn said. 

Most kids from orphanages, internat schools, and family-type children’s homes have been temporarily evacuated aboard. Because of that, the majority of operations related to the adoption process have been digitized. In general, adoption in Ukraine takes about a year. In other countries, the process can last up to four years. 

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 10,153 children have been left without parents; the parents of 1,610 of those died. 

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