UKRAINE, KHARKIV OBLAST, June 6 — Authorities document the cases of Russian troops deporting residents of the Lyptsi community, Kharkiv Oblast, to Russia, said Volodymyr Usov, the head of the military administration of the Kharkiv district on Ukrainian TV on 6 June.

Towns and villages of the Kharkiv Oblast, especially border settlements, came under massive Russian artillery shelling and airstrikes since Russia launched a new ground offensive north and northeast of the region in the Vovchansk and Lyptsi directions on May 10.

Russian troops seized six villages in the Lyptsi community of Kharkiv region. At least 150 people lived there during the Russian new offensive.

Usov said that the administration has information that the Russians are deporting people to the town of Orel in Russia. Over the past week, four families moved out of the temporarily occupied part of the Lyptsi community through the territory of the Russian Federation.

Less than 100 people remain in several settlements of the occupied part of the Lyptsi community, Usov said. 

Currently, Russia is trying to attack Lyptsi and Hlyboke, suffering heavy losses and failing, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Syrskyi said on June 5, after visiting combat zone in the Kupiansk and Kharkiv directions. Ukrainian troops are holding the defense and have partial success in advancing towards Lukiantsi.

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  • The local authorities of the Zolochiv community called for a mandatory evacuation of children due to a possible Russian army offensive, said Viktor Kovalenko, head of the village military administration.