KHARKIV OBLAST, Jan 25 — The Russian military injured 1,734 children in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

In the Kharkiv Oblast, the Russian army wounded 326 children since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Over the past week, the missile strikes in Kharkiv and the oblast wounded 10 children and killed one, reported the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.

The missile attack that destroyed a residential building in Kharkiv on the morning of January 23 killed an eight-year-old girl. Another nine children received injuries of varying severity. On January 24, the Russian shelling of the village of Rohan in the Kharkiv Oblast wounded a 17-year-old boy.

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Most children were injured in the following regions: Donetsk — 505, Kharkiv — 326, Kherson — 146, Kyiv — 130, Dnipro — 111, Mykolaiv — 101, Zaporizhzhia — 100, Chernihiv — 72, Luhansk — 67.