UKRAINE, Jan 25 — The Institute’s January 24 report says that they didn’t find visual confirmation that Russian troops captured Pletenivka in Kharkiv Oblast, although Russian sources claimed so.  

On January 23, Serhii Nayev, Ukrainian Joint Forces Commander, said that Russian sabotage units tried to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border. The institute’s report assesses that he’s likely referring to the statements from pro-Russian sources that they have seized Pletenivka [~2 km from the Russian border — ed]. 

Assessed Control of Terrain Around Luhansk Oblast as of January 24, 2024 / Photo: ISW

The ISW maintains that Russians may initiate “small-scale, tactical-level attacks” across the state border between Kharkiv Oblast and Belgorod Oblast, aiming to distract the Ukrainian army from the Kupiansk axis. 

On the Kupiansk axis, the ISW detects no confirmed changes to the frontline, despite the Russian claims of advancing towards Berestove and Tabaivka. Positional fighting northeast of Kupiansk, near Synkivka, continues. 

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The Institute for the Study of War conducts regular assessments of the Russian offensive campaigns in the Russian-Ukrainian war. According to the institute, Russian offensive actions in the Kharkiv region aim to capture the Luhansk Oblast fully and move further into the Kharkiv and Donetsk Oblasts. For Kharkiv Oblast, they are, first and foremost, interested in Kupiansk.