The Security Service of Ukraine arrested the former head of the Kupiansk District State Administration and the Kupiansk District Council, trying to leave Ukraine after the liberation of Kharkiv Oblast.

The Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center has found out that it is Snizhana Chernova. She was the head of the Kupiansk District State Administration from April 28, 2020 to March 30, 2021. In 2020, she became a deputy of the Kupiansk District Council from the Servant of the People party. This is not the first time Chernova has become a deputy of this district council.

She supported the Russians, and they appointed her during the occupation as “the acting deputy head of the Kuryliv territorial department of the military-civilian administration of the Kupiansk district of Kharkiv Oblast”.

The Security Service established that while in her “position”, Chernova carried out the Kremlin’s instructions to spread the occupation regime and involve local residents in actions in favor of the aggressor country. In addition, she participated in the preparation of a pseudo-referendum in the occupied territories of Kharkiv Oblast.

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