In June-August 2022, the amount of damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure reached $31.5 billion.

Russia caused damage to more than $127 billion since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This is evidenced by the report of the project “Russia will pay” by KSE Institute.

  • A total of 135,800 private and apartment buildings were damaged and destroyed. The total area of damaged or destroyed objects is 74.1 million square meters, which is 7.3% of the total housing stock of the country;
  • The infrastructure sector is in second place in terms of losses – 27.7%, or $35.3 billion, of which $26.6 billion is due to the direct destruction of roads and $4.3 billion is due to railway losses;
  • Losses of business assets amount to at least $9.9 billion and continue to grow. This is the third-largest item of infrastructure damage. In terms of industries, metallurgy suffered the most.

In total, at least 412 enterprises have been damaged or destroyed since the beginning of the war, 64 of which are large and medium-sized enterprises. It is expected that this number may be higher, as there is currently no complete information on the state of Ukrainian enterprises located in the temporarily occupied territories.
As of September 2022, since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine, at least 616 administrative buildings, 978 medical facilities, including 24 private health care facilities, 1,270 schools, 786 kindergartens, 775 cultural facilities, 80 religious buildings, 149 tourism facilities, and 153 sports facilities, 2,910 trading points, 19 airports and civil airfields, 110 railway stations and stations, 315 bridges and overpasses of state, local or communal importance, 10 CHPPs, 322 boiler houses were damaged, destroyed, or captured.