Odesa-based programmers have developed an application Air defense, aimed to help the Ukrainian military in shooting down Russian missiles.

This was reported by one of the developers of the application Gennady Sulgin. He also added that the development has already been approved by the Air Command “South” and the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Thanks to this application, users will be able to quickly notify locators and anti-aircraft gunners from the air defense forces about a missile or other air threat. It will help to detect the missile at low altitudes where it cannot be identified by locators.

How it works?

  • The user detects an air threat and presses the red button in the app.
  • In a few seconds, the monitors of the commanders of brigades, divisions, and air defense batteries will show the detection of drones and cruise missiles in the near and far rear.
  • The officer on duty at the air defense command post analyzes the data from the Ukrainian Armed Forces radar and information from ground observers and issues quick and accurate targeting instructions to anti-aircraft gunners.
  • Russian missiles will be shot down faster and more often.

The application is already being tested in military units in the South of Ukraine.