UKRAINE, JAN 22 —  Before the full-scale invasion, 58% of respondents believed that the state was splitting due to disagreements among citizens.

69% of Ukrainians believe citizens are overcoming contradictions and moving towards a united political nation. This is 34% more than in 2020. The Kyiv International Institute of Sociology published this data.

“In all regions, most of the population believes that Ukrainians are overcoming internal contradictions and moving towards unity. The number is relatively higher in the West (74%) and the Central regions of Ukraine (69%). At the same time, in the South and East, most people also see [Ukraine] united in a single political nation (66% and 65%, respectively),” the report says.

25% of respondents believe that internal disputes among Ukrainians are only getting worse. Before the war, this figure was 58%.

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Most respondents believe that Ukrainians are overcoming internal contradictions regardless of the language they speak. Although the number of respondents who share this view is higher among Ukrainian-speaking respondents (75%), most Russian-speaking respondents (60%) are optimistic about Ukrainian unity.