Since the beginning of this year, 17 communities in Kharkiv Oblast have taken part in the Recovery Army project for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

This was reported by Kharkiv Today referring to the director of the regional employment center, Volodymyr Minenko.

“The job center can involve the unemployed in the rubble cleaning, the consequences of shelling elimination, assisting the victims, and working in Invincibility Points. Financing of socially useful works is carried out 100% at the expense of the funds of the compulsory state social insurance fund of Ukraine in case of unemployment. As of today, almost UAH700,000 (~$19 000) have been allocated, and contracts for more than UAH2 million (~$54 000) have been made,” said Minenko.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine permitted to implement the project from Jan. 1, 2023. Before, it was restricted due to hostilities in Kharkiv Oblast.

Currently, 300 people from 17 communities of Kharkiv Oblast are involved in the Recovery Army activities. Now Kharkiv residents can join the project.

The system attracting unemployed citizens to the “Recovery Army” was introduced in Ukraine in October. People are involved in socially useful work such as cleaning, debris clearance, shelter arranging, and repair work, and get paid.