Olena Zelenska Foundation’s Childhood Address project will build the first family-type children’s home in Kharkiv Oblast.

“Now, here is an empty plot of land. But very soon, the ball will fly over the fence to the neighbors, the mother will call the children into the house in the evenings, the first flowers will be planted, and the table will be laid for the first time,” wrote Zelenska on Telegram.

Zelenska inspected the plot and construction plan during her visit to Kharkiv Oblast. / Photo: Olena Zelenska`s Telegram

Childhood Address project, international investors, and the state will rebuild housing for family-type children’s homes for those who lost their places during the full-scale invasion.

The first house will be built for the Drylchuk family with eight children who lost their home in the Kupiansk district in Kharkiv Oblast due to Russian aggression.

According to Zelenska, she inspected the plot and construction plan during her visit to Kharkiv Oblast. The land plot’s size is 0,15 hectares, “it is close to the regional center with all the necessary infrastructure. The area of the building will be 285,5 m2. It will be fully furnished, inclusive, with an independent power supply and shelter.”

“I am grateful to the United Arab Emirates for supporting the project. Their charitable contribution, negotiated during my recent visit to the UAE, will go towards constructing this house and nine more similar homes for large families throughout Ukraine,” noted Ukraine’s first lady.

According to Zelenska, the foundation continues attracting benefactors. Negotiations regarding construction are ongoing with Australia, Slovenia, and Finland. Estonia has confirmed its willingness to build two houses.

Earlier, Olena Zelenska’s Foundation was raising funds for the Izium Hospital restoration.

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