The number of attacks by Russian troops in the Kupyansk direction has decreased over the past two days due to their significant losses, Nadiia Zamryha, head of public relations at the 14th separate mechanized brigade named after Prince Roman the Great, told to Svoboda.Live.

“This is because the adversary suffered significant losses in equipment and personnel in the last few days. In particular, in the area of responsibility of our 14th separate mechanized brigade named after Prince Roman the Great,” the servicewoman noted.

Every day the Ukrainian Armed Forces repel attacks in this area, and, according to Nadiia Zamryha, the Russian army loses 10 servicemen daily in this section of the frontline.

Kupyansk and Kupyansk-Vuzlovvyi in Kharkiv Oblast / Map:

“If we compare it to, say, a month and a half ago, they have started using more equipment. They use mostly heavy equipment. Armored personnel carriers are often used to transport personnel to the line where they are going to assault, which is closer to zero,” the spokeswoman said.

She also noted that the Russian military is adjusting its assault tactics and is aware that Ukrainian forces track the movement of units on vehicles and is effectively hit by FPV drones, drops, artillery and tanks.

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