Border Guards Raise Ukrainian Flag at Budarky Checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Russian Border

Denys Glushko - 29 November 2023 | 10:28

Border guards have raised the Ukrainian flag at the Budarky checkpoint in Kharkiv region on the border with the Russian Federation. The Stalevyi Cordon (Steel Border – Eng.) Guard Service of Ukraine reported this on Facebook, posting a video.

“Border guards of the Steel Frontier Offensive Guard Brigade, despite constant shelling, entered the territory of the Budarky checkpoint in Kharkiv region and raised a blue and yellow flag on the highest tower in the neighborhood,” the statement said.

The State Border Guard Service noted that this checkpoint is located directly on the state border and has not been operating since the full-scale invasion of Russia.

Budarky in Kharkiv Oblast / Map:

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Russians reduced the number of attacks in Kupyansk area due to bad weather conditions. The tactics of Russian troops partly depend on the weather: in rough conditions, they conduct fewer assaults, Ivan Shevtsov, assistant chief of the 15th mobile border guard detachment Stalevyi Kordon.

Evacuation of children from dangerous frontline areas of Kharkiv Oblast completed. During November 3-26, 296 children were evacuated from the dangerous territory. Two more children are on the list in the Kurylivska community: born in 2012 and 2018. However, there are no children at their addresses. 

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