On Oct. 4, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine reported that the restoration of Kharkiv City Council would require about UAH 200 million / $5 million.

The building of Kharkiv City Council in the center of Kharkiv is a monument of cultural heritage. It was damaged by a Russian missile on March 1, according to the Ministry of Culture, the status of the building is “completely destroyed”.

The renovation of the building will cost about UAH 200 million. “Unfortunately, there is no such amount of money in the budget of Kharkiv Oblast, which is daily shelled by the Russians,” explains the article on the Ministry`s official website. So the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine invited people to donate for the renovation of the historical building. Anyone can join the initiative and help to rebuild the Kharkiv City Council.

More Details

Kharkiv City Council and other central municipal authorities are located on Constitution Square, one of the oldest places in Kharkiv. The landmark in the heart of the city became the place of many historical events, including the Kharkiv Euromaidan during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014.

The first building at the place of the modern Kharkiv City Council was constructed in 1885. It was a small two-story house and belonged to the local merchant. The building gained a modern appearance after two more reconstructions in 1932 and 1947-1950 when part of the house was completely destroyed during the Second World War.

Earlier this week we wrote that the restoration of Kharkiv would be discussed at the 83rd session of the Committee on Urban Development, Housing, and Land Management on Oct. 3-7 in San Marino. According to the Kharkiv City Council, the General Plan for the Development of Kharkiv will be presented at the session. The British architects led by Norman Foster worked on the master plan, Foster will take part in the meeting.