AHA! - Creative Economy Conference

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AHA! Creative Economy Conference mission is to promote the impact of the creative economy on the public good, bringing together decision-oriented experts united by unique regional insights to ensure quality networking.

General Information

Remote scientific conference: Kharkiv, Ukraine
April 15, 2022

Acceptance of abstracts for publication in the journal: 20.01.2022 - 01.04.2022
Publication of the issue: April 15, 2022
Distribution of materials: May 1, 2022

- multidisciplinary,
- creative economy,
- marketing.
The volume of materials: abstracts up to 2 pages

Conference:: clc.to/aha-website
Journal: clc.to/aha-journal

Department of Marketing, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics

Administrator and information support:
Publisher: GWARA MEDIA LLC. Certificate of the subject of publishing: DK 6696 dated March 27, 2019
o address the problems of society and the issues raised at the conference, we are launching AHA! - Journal - a scientific journal for researchers interested in the following topics:
1. Creative Сities
1.1 creative industries in the core of urban and territorial development
1.2 cases and approaches to creative sectors for economic development
1.3 activism and entrepreneurship in urban space
2. Innovation
2.1 marketing and management approaches to creative industries
2.2 innovations in business models of creative industries
2.3 digitalization of creative industries
3. Transition Economy
3.1 challenges of sustainable development of creative industries
3.2 specific of creativity development in the regions
3.3 the role of independent media and audiovisual industries in economic development

You can submit your thesis via the journal website:
clc.to/aha-journal. Relevant works will be approved in the journal.
Key Partners
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Conference Program

15 April 2022 - online format conference
February 1st 2022
OPEN CALL for abstracts for conference
April 1st 2022 00:00
Kyiv time
Completion of the abstract for the conference
Abstracts were collected and processed by the organizing committee for the Creative Economy Journal. The list of conference speakers for April 15 is detailed
April 15th 2022 10:00
Kyiv time
Conference Opening
  • welcome speech from the rector of KhNEU
  • introductory speech from the head of the Department of Marketing of KhNEU
  • administrative aspects of the conference
April 15th 2022 10:15
Kyiv time
World Creative Economy Scientific Problems and Challenges
Featured Speaker 1: to be specified
April 15th 2022 10:35
Kyiv time
Creative Economy Context in Ukraine and What Next?
Luiza Moroz
state expert of Expert Group on Creative Industries
Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine
18 березня 2022. 11:55 Kyiv time
Creative Сities
Featured Speaker 3: to be specified
15 April 2022. 12:00
Kyiv time
Innovations in the creative economy
Featured Speaker 4: to be specified
15 April 2022. 12:20
Kyiv time
Transition Economy. Challenges of sustainable development of creative economy
Featured Speaker 5: to be specified
15 April 2022. 12:35
Kyiv time
15 minutes break. Preparation for discussion
Take a coffee/tea and back soon for the discussion.
15 April 2022. 12:50
Kyiv time
Moderated Discussion.
  • What are the emerging problem of creative economy in Central-East Europe?
  • What are differ this region from other areas?
  • Creative Economy 2030: Where we go?
  • Regulation and stimulation: any ideas?
  • how COVID made us stronger (or not?)
15 April 2022 14:20
Kyiv time
15 minutes break. Preparation for abstract pitches
Take a coffee/tea and back soon for the top abstracts pitches.
15 April 2022 14:30
Kyiv time
Speaker 1
to be specified
15 April 2022 14:45
Kyiv time
Speaker 2
to be specified
15 April 2022 15:00
Kyiv time
Speaker 3
to be specified
15 April 2022 15:15
Kyiv time
Speaker 4
to be specified
15 April 2022 15:30
Kyiv time
Speaker 5
to be specified
15 April 2022 15:45
Kyiv time
End of the conference
Feedback session. Q&A session. Networking
May 1st, 2022
Kyiv time
Publishing of conference proceedings (online+print)
Organization Comettee
Autumn 2022
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Participation fee
The amount of the fee for the publication of a work of up to 2 pages (including) is:
0 EUR with online conference proceedings.

Electronic certificate of the participant - 0 EUR
Printed certificate of participation - 10 EUR
Printed issue - 15 EUR

Organizational committee
Hrynevych Ludmila
Doctor of Economics, Head of the Department of Marketing KhNEU. S. Kuznets, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Anton Shynkaruk
National University of Water Management and Environmental Sciences, Rivne, Ukraine.
Olena Yarmosh
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sciences, Associate Professor, KhNEU named after S. Kuznets, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Serhii Prokopenko
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