Ukraine has 470,000 hectares of agricultural land mined, and only 17.5% of the mined areas have been inspected, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

“The process of demining the liberated territories does not stop. However, this process is complicated and will take decades. More than 2,600 deminers from public and private organizations are demining in Ukraine today. With this capacity, it will take us more than 20 years to clear only agricultural land,” said Mykola Solskyi, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

To speed up this process, Ukraine desperately needs specialized equipment. For comparison, a sapper manually clears 15-20 square meters daily, while demining equipment clears 6 square kilometers. At the same time, maximum safety for deminers is guaranteed.

Map of Ukrainian territories that could potentially be contaminated by explosive objects / Source: State Emergency Service of Ukraine,

During an online speech at the G7 Agriculture Ministers’ meeting in Japan, Solsky stressed that international support would speed up the demining process and save the lives of Ukrainians forced to take daily risks.

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