On August 24, Ukrainian Institute launched Insight UA, an online English guide to Ukrainian culture, personalities, and “awe-inspiring events.” 

“Insight UA was released as a response to a huge interest in learning about Ukrainian culture in the world,” explains Tetiana Filevska, a creative director of the Ukrainian Institute. “More requests from people who want to understand Ukraine [means that we] need new effective tools to meet them.” 

The project brings everybody who wants to find out more about Ukrainian culture closer to Ukrainian music, literature, theater, cinema, and visual arts. 

A separate section is dedicated to Crimea that has been temporarily occupied by Russians since 2014, and to voices of people who are from there and cannot return yet. It’s a joint collaboration of Ukrainer and the Ukrainian Institute. 

Insight UA offers a collection of 150 Ukrainian movies, analytical texts and art pieces about to decolonization, video-explainers, and much more to English-speaking audiences. The project team says, “This is a journey into Ukrainian culture, and everyone can join.”  

The project’s launch was dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence.

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