Ukraine plans to create a register of anti-Ukrainian publishing products. The publication of books from this list will be fined. Chytomo reports this regarding the State Committee on Television and Radio.

The State Committee has developed a draft order “On Approval of the Regulation on the Register of Anti-Ukrainian Publishing Products,” which must be approved by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy and submitted for state registration to the Ministry of Justice.

What is the Register of Publishing Products with Anti-Ukrainian Content?
This is a list of book publications whose content contains anti-Ukrainian theses and is aimed at inciting interethnic, racial, religious hatred, committing terrorist acts, infringing on human rights and freedoms, etc.

It will be formed based on proposals from the SSU and other government agencies, legal entities and individuals, and on the State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting initiative, based on the results of monitoring the publishing industry in Russia, Belarus and the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Today, Ukraine has a list of anti-Ukrainian book publications maintained by the State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting. However, as soon as the order to establish the Register comes into force, the List will cease to be maintained, and the publications included in it will be transferred to the Register of Anti-Ukrainian Publishing Products.

The List is only advisory, while the Register will have specific legal consequences: such books will be withdrawn from circulation by authorized officials of the State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting, and the distribution of publications included in the Register will be subject to a fine of two minimum wages for each case of distribution committed for the first time and ten minimum wages for each subsequent issue.

Currently, 3 State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting employees monitor anti-Ukrainian publications. There are no plans to translate the Register of Anti-Ukrainian Publications into other languages.

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