The Special Forces found the autonomous artillery system.

  • 3rd Regiment of the Special Forces discovered the position of the 2S5 Giatsint-S self-propelled artillery system in the Kupiansk sector. They adjusted the HIMARS fire of the Defense Forces unit. As a result, the artillery system was destroyed. The command of the Special Operations Forces reported.
Credit: Command of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“The Special Forces conducted additional reconnaissance activities and coordinated the HIMARS fire of the Defense Forces unit. As a result, the enemy lost one artillery unit,” the statement reads.

As a reminder, recently, a company of Achilles unmanned aerial vehicles of the Kharkiv-based 92nd separate assault brigade hit four self-propelled artillery systems of the Russians using FPV drones in the Bakhmut sector. The total cost of the destroyed enemy equipment is over $3.7 million.

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Russians are engaging former members of the Wagner PMC in the Kupyansk line. They are assaulting the positions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces together with former prisoners. This was reported by the Commander of the Ground Forces of the AFU Oleksandr Syrskyi on November 27.

SSU: Kupyansk city council official receives a suspicion notice for organizing logistics for Russians.  After the Russians occupied the town, this man got the position of the “Locomotive depot Kupyansk.” He enabled the renovations of the railroads for the needs of the occupation army east of Kupyansk.

Communities of Kupyansk district jointly purchase strike UAV for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Purchase of the UAV for the units of the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade named after Ataman Ivan Sirko.