A 57-year-old elected official of Kupiansk city council is suspected of collaborationism, reports the spokesman for the SSU, Vladyslav Abdula. 

Abdula reports that after Russians occupied the town, this man got the position of the “Locomotive depot Kupiansk.” He enabled the renovations of the railroads for the needs of the occupation army east of Kupiansk. 

He organized the transportation of troops and arms from Russia to temporarily occupied regions in Kharkiv Oblast, investigators report. He gave [transferred — ed.] them away a locomotive from the local subdistrict of Ukrainian Railways. Also, the suspect organized the grain transportation from the occupied territories of Kharkiv Oblast to Russia via railroad. 

According to investigators, after the region has been deoccupied, the suspect went to hiding to Russia. He’s been issued a suspicion notice. 

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