In early summer, the first batch of terminals from the Swedish company Satcube arrived in Ukraine.

On August 8, the company’s CEO, Jacob Kallmer, announced the plan to provide about 100 more terminals. The terminals were paid for by Germany, which will transfer them to Ukraine.

“Our terminals can be used in different ways: from communication with field hospitals to maintaining communication on the ground,” commented Jacob Kallmer.

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Satcube produces portable 8 kg satellite communication terminals that connect to the Internet via geostationary satellites. They are located at an altitude of 35,000 km. Satcube has a slower speed than Starlink – 70 Mbps versus 100 Mbps. But the connection to geostationary satellites is harder to block. The cost of one terminal is $65,000. For Satcube, this is the most significant order since the start of terminal production in 2017.

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