After a year of full-scale war, 41 joint-stock companies are still controlled by Russian owners. Among them are such companies as Ukrenergoatom, Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine, and several banks, Opendatabot reported.

However, only 9 of these companies are in a suspended or bankruptcy state. The rest continue to operate in Ukraine.

Almost 12,000 joint-stock companies are registered in Ukraine, but not all of them have information about the owners who hold stakes and make a profit. For instance, during the reporting period of 2021, there is data on owners of 6346 companies.

Russian citizens control Forward Bank, Ukrenergoatom, Ukrgazprom, VTB Bank, Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine, and even scientific institutions, including the Research and Design Institute of Nuclear and Power Pump Engineering and the Ukrainian Research Design and Technology Institute of Transformer Construction.

Out of 41 companies whose information is in the shareholder register, 2 businesses are not in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Entrepreneurs.