KHARKIV OBLAST, UKRAINE, JAN 10 — The Ministry of Economy and the Kharkiv regional military administration are preparing the conditions for businesses to return to the Kharkiv region. 

The head of Kharkiv RMA, Oleh Syniehubov, talked about it in an interview with Ukrainian media, 

He noted that, currently, more than 70% of private businesses in the Oblast are either idle and not working or damaged. According to his data, 250 companies have relocated to other regions. Those remaining can’t operate like they did before the Russian full-scale invasion. 

That’s why favorable conditions for businesses to return and reopen are being created. 

“The return of business to the region [means], first and foremost, [creation of] new jobs and [filling] its economy. We’re creating unique business development and operations conditions along with the profile ministries. Those are the “5-7-9%” loans with a 1% interest rate for the first two years [Ukrainian state program “Affordable loans,” introduced in 2023 — ed.]. [We successfully] insisted on increasing the credit limit to 150 million and increasing the loan period up to 10 years for investment goals. According to the #3050 law, the businesses that suffered [from the war] can receive social privileges on land tax. Also, we work with insurance companies to implement business insurance programs in case of damages caused due to military hostilities,” Oleh Syniehubov said. 

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Right now, businesses are ready to come back to the region on the conditions of being provided safety and compensation guarantees in case Russian missiles destroy their company. 

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