The Unified Register of Missing Persons includes information about 24,000 people, of whom there is no information about 7,000. This was stated by Oleg Kotenko, the Commissioner for Persons Missing in Special Circumstances, during a briefing at the Media Center.

According to him, more than 8,000 people have been found since then; 60% of them are alive and are or have been in captivity. In addition, there is information about almost 8,000 people whose possible whereabouts or deaths are known.

Currently, there is no information about 7,000 missing persons. Also, according to the Commissioner, more than 300 people who have gone missing since 2014 are now being searched for.

What is the Unified Register of Persons Missing in Special Circumstances?

The Unified Register of Persons Missing under Special Circumstances was launched on May 2, 2023. The register includes persons whose relatives file disappearance reports with the National Police and the Office of the Commissioner for Missing Persons. Including a person in the register only confirms that someone is considered missing under exceptional circumstances.

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