Ukrainian studio Starni Games has developed a game Ukraine War Stories, which offers to survive and rescue your loved ones under the Russian occupation.

There is already a demo version of the game. It will be released in October 2022 and will be free.

“The game was developed by a small team from Kyiv that continued to work during the war. As a Ukrainian company, we could not sit idly by when the war broke out in Ukraine, Russian troops were 3 kilometers from Kyiv, and a significant part of the territory of Ukraine was occupied,”  the developers explain.

The description of the game says that Ukraine War Stories is a collection of visual novels about the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. The events unfold in the first months of the war, in their center civilians who found themselves under Russian occupation. They will not fight, but just try to survive.

The game contains two novels in which events unfold in Hostomel, Bucha, and Mariupol. The player’s task is to save themselves and their families and evacuate to a safe area.

The developers used real photos and videos, as well as their own experiences. It is known that one of the studio employees and his family lived in the basement of occupied Bucha, and the Russian military robbed his house.