Kharkiv Regional Clinical Trauma Hospital damaged by Russians will be rebuilt with the state budget funds. The restoration work at the hospital is planned to be completed by the end of December. Currently, the hospital is rebuilt by 55%.

The estimated cost of Kharkiv Regional Clinical Trauma Hospital restoration is UAH 11 million (~ $298,000). According to the chief physician of the medical facility, Oleksandr Havrykov, 184 windows, window blocks, floor slabs on three floors and side reinforced concrete slabs were damaged in the hospital as a result of three Russian strikes. Moreover, all internal premises were affected.

“Unfortunately, part of the medical equipment was lost, in particular, an X-ray machine. The breathing apparatus is also damaged. Some important medical equipment has been destroyed in the operating room. The blast wave simply blew the manipulation tables to pieces. Small tools are also irretrievably lost. We will try to restore all this,” said Havrykov.

Currently, restoration work is underway on the premises of the trauma center.

“As of today, all three floors of the building have been 100% repaired. We have also completed the restoration of the panels, laid them with concrete, and provided reinforcement. The next step is the repair of window structures,” reads the message.

It is noted that several tranches have been allocated for the restoration of objects damaged by Russian shelling in Kharkiv Oblast:

  • UAH 250 million (~ $6 million) in April;
  • UAH 400 million (~ $10 million) in September;
  • UAH 300 million (~ $8 million) in October.

Earlier, Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov announced that almost 500 houses in the city were beyond restoration.