Russian Major General Vladimir Zavadsky has been killed in Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russian media reported.

Information about the general’s death appeared in telegram channels the day before. It was confirmed by the Interregional Public Organization of Graduates of the Moscow Higher Military Command School named after the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR “Kremlin”. The report says that Zavadsky died on November 28.

As noted by Vazhnye Istorii, this is the seventh military officer of this rank whose death in the Russian war against Ukraine has been confirmed by Russian sources. According to the report, the general exploded on a mine. The Russian Defense Ministry has neither confirmed nor denied such reports.

Zavadsky was allegedly the deputy commander of the 14th Army Corps. Previously, he commanded the Kantemirov Guards Tank Division.

Overall, 12 Russian generals have been reported killed in the war, according to Vazhnye Istorii. The deaths of seven of them have been confirmed. Before Zavadsky, the last general to die was Oleg Tsokov, who was killed in an alleged attack on the 58th Army command post in Russian-controlled Berdiansk this summer.

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Deputy head of the occupation authority of Kharkiv region was liquidated in Belgorod. On November 16, a car exploded in the Russian city of Belgorod. It was a vehicle carrying one of the heads of the Russian occupation administration of Kharkiv region, Oleksandr Slisarenko, who is suspected of treason. He died from his injuries.

A man who adjusted a Russian missile at Kharkiv regional administration was sentenced to life imprisonment. Thirty-one people died as a result of the shelling on the regional administration in March 2022.

Kharkiv Region to sentence 142 collaborators since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. After the de-occupation of Kharkiv Oblast, law enforcement officers began to identify Ukrainians who had gone over to the enemy and collaborated with them.