He was a graduate of Kharkiv National Medical University.

On August 5, due to a Russian army strike on a blood transfusion center in Kruhlyakivka village, Kupyansk district, 29-year-old surgeon Vladyslav Tytarenko was killed. This was reported by the Kharkiv National Medical University, where he studied.

“Vladyslav was killed in the bombing of the Kupyansk blood transfusion center, performing his professional duty and saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. A young, intelligent, smart, true specialist who chose surgery at the call of his heart and never refused to help anyone has passed away,” the statement said.

Blood transfusion center in Kupiansk community / Photo: Presidential Office

He graduated with honors from the university in 2018. He worked at the Kruhlyakivka Blood Transfusion Center as a surgeon.

As a reminder, on August 5, at about 8:20 p.m., the Russian military struck a blood transfusion center in Kruglyakivka, Kupyansk district, with guided aerial bombs, which led to a large-scale fire. Two people were killed and four more injured.

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