Safety is the main reason for not returning home among 50% of Ukrainians who left the country after 24 February 2022. And this was the primary reason for 58% of them to leave. The Ukrainian Institute for the Future published the results of the survey.

For 37% of respondents, their closest relatives were forced to move out of Ukraine, and 80% – friends and acquaintances with whom they communicate personally.

Opinion on the need for Ukrainians who left to return:

  • 46% believe that everyone decides for themselves;
  • 21% say they should return immediately after the war ends;
  • 16.5% – it is possible if there is no threat of occupation of their territories;
  • 10.5% – should return after the end of the war and after the country’s reconstruction.

Reasons why Ukrainians may not return home:

  • 55% – life prospects abroad;
  • 50% – security;
  • 48% – availability of work;
  • 33% – caring for children;
  • 28% – comfort;
  • 27% – lack of fight against corruption and lustration of pro-Russian forces in Ukraine;
  • 5% – family relations.

The survey was conducted online using an interactive structured questionnaire, the link to which was sent to potential respondents from the database between 20 and 23 March. The sum of replies does not equal 100%, as respondents could choose up to 3 options.

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