Daily road crews work on those routes where pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service have already conducted demining.

Thus, on September 19, special equipment worked on another 12 km of the roads M-03 Kyiv – Kharkiv, M-29 Kharkiv – Krasnohrad – Dnipro, T-21-10 Shevchenkove – Balakliya – Pervomaisky – Kegychivka, Kharkiv Regional Military Administration reported.

In addition, 46 km of national importance paths were cleared over the weekend: M-03 Kyiv – Kharkiv, M-18 Kharkiv – Simferopol – Yalta, M-29 Kharkiv – Krasnohrad – Dnipro, R-46 Kharkiv – Okhtyrka, H-26 Chuhuiv – Milove.

Road builders are clearing debris from the M-03 Kyiv – Kharkiv – Dovzhanskyi, M-20 Kharkiv – Shcherbakivka (to the city of Belgorod), M-18 Kharkiv – Simferopol – Yalta, T-21-10 Shevchenkove – Balakliia – Pervomaisky – Kegychivka.

Also, specialists of the Road Service in Kharkiv Oblast continue to inspect and assess the destruction of road infrastructure in the region.

More details: these highways are significant for Ukrainians and connect Kyiv and Kharkiv with the industrial region of Donetsk Oblast, also Kharkiv with the 4th largest city of Dnipro.

By the way,  200 rescuers and pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service are currently working in the liberated districts of Kharkiv Oblast.